How big is a 12 inch Pizza?

The Area/Size of a 12 Pizza is

144Square Inch

Size comparison of a 12 Inch pizza

With just an inch bigger than the 11-inch pizza, the 12-inch pizza skips the ‘regular’ category and lands in the medium size category. A medium size pizza is neither big nor small, just in between. You can fit two six-inch pizzas inside a 12-inch one. It has a big serving and can feed four-five people.

How many people can a 12 inch pizza serve?

This pizza can easily give you eight slices that can be distributed among four or five people. One slice can be big enough for children. Most medium sized pizzas can be cut into eight pieces. Remember, different pizza chains may have slight differences in their regular, medium, and large pizza sizes.

How many calories does a 12 inch pizza have?

A 12 inch pizza is laden with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is stuffed with cholesterol and has 1904 calories, close to the average daily intake one person must take, which is 2000 calories. It can be difficult for one person to polish it off, requiring more than two people to finish.

Fun Fact

People see pizza as a way to enjoy the taste and relaxation. Worldwide, it has been found that it is mostly eaten on weekends! The most preferred days are Saturday and Sunday to enjoy a pizza. So, when you want to relish and relax, pizza is your one-stop shop to enjoy the weekends.